Spiritual Journey


Welcome to a spiritual journey, certainly mine, and seeing as you have arrived at my website, possibly part of your journey?

I have for many years (and possibly many lifetimes) been searching for ‘something’. A meaning to life? The right religion to follow? There was something inside which needed to be freed, but what? I tried following quite a few differing religions, everything from Anglican Catholicism to Druidism. I gained a lot from these experiences, my pathway to where I am at the moment, they are all part of my journey.

Then one day I saw an advertisement for Reiki and felt an immediate pull to find out more about it. I went along for my first session and was immediately immersed in this wonderful feeling of light and relaxation. I decided there and then to learn Reiki and worked my way through the levels to become a Reiki Master a few years later.

I came to realise that I needed to look inside myself to find my spirituality, that I did not have to follow an organised religion in order to have deep spiritual beliefs.

This is where I am at the moment, and at last I feel at one with myself. However...we are always on a learning curve, so who knows where I will go from here?